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Locally Enterprising

Designed to support micro mobility and micro-leasing; Helixx offers a low risk platform for existing local enterprises and new ventures to grow and operate in an environmentally and financially sustainable way

Low Barrier To Entry

Micro-leasing offers businesses low risk short term rentals with no capital outlay

All Inclusive

The Helixx ecosystem covers everything, leaving businesses to focus on their business and not operating a fleet.

This also provides opportunities locally for service providers to be part of the Helixx support network.

Energy On Demand

Utilising battery swap architecture enables flexible charging solutions and the ability to provide energy on demand without the need for fixed infrastructure.

Subsidy Through Media

The central software and communications platform in Helixx vehicles coupled with usage in high density urban areas lets businesses generate advertising revenue whilst they work.

User Engagement

Unique leasing and usage models along with a state of the art system architecture lets Helixx engage with users to build and support communities with sustainability and growth at its heart.