A Disruptive New Solution: Commercial Vehicles ‘For the World’

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Light commercial vehicles are responsible for 2.5% of all carbon emissions. In fact, these smaller vehicles have a more damaging impact on the environment than heavier medium-duty trucks and larger buses and coaches because there’s more of them on the road. And yet, they’re rarely given the sort of attention they need. 

At Helixx, we believe that commercial vehicles must become a global priority. 

Shifting to electric alternatives is, of course, the ideal solution. Making electric commercial vehicles accessible - and global - is key to securing a brighter future. 

The problem? There’s a huge barrier to entry across many countries. Many regions simply don’t have the facilities, the technologies, or the capabilities to deploy EV technology at scale. And of those that do, there’s still a very heavy reliance on outdated manufacturing methodologies that counteract our aim to do better. 

Sustainable commercial vehicles must be for all; they must be for the world. 

And the good news is that exciting new disruptive solutions are beginning to emerge, promising to tackle the issue of global accessibility for a better tomorrow. 

Embracing disruption

The term ‘disruption’ often comes with negative connotations. But in terms of manufacturing, disruption is just what the world needs to spark positive change. 

The type of disruption we’re beginning to witness across manufacturing comes in the form of digital workflows that maximise on-site efficiency and leverage the power of technology to deliver end-to-end localised production platforms that empower manufacturers to create high-quality, cost-effective products with confidence. 

Whereas standard localised production facilities can take years to prepare, and consume valuable, irreplaceable resources in excess, these rapid build new solutions are sparking the rise of regional, data-driven factories. They’re able to streamline traditional processes, overhaul existing operations, and promote positive change in sustainable production… all while encouraging adoption of EV technology, globally. 

Right now, disruption is taking place - in one way or another - whether we like it or not. The best thing we can do is to take charge of this disruption and ensure its impacting industries such as manufacturing in the most effective ways possible. 

Developing new solutions for tomorrow’s landscape

The manufacturing industry has been long overdue for positive disruptive change in terms of processes and methodology. In this fast-moving environment, it needs to keep up. However, at Helixx we believe that it goes deeper than that. We believe that this sort of disruptive change is key to setting us on a long-term trajectory towards the widespread betterment not just of society, but of the world as a whole. 

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