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Top prize in E-Mobility Award for infrastructure provider validates Helixx’s innovative approach to enabling rapid EV manufacturing anywhere in the world

  • Helixx named as most innovative infrastructure provider at E-Mobility Awards 2024 
  • Judges hail Helixx’s industry-disrupting strategy “to provide customers with a factory in a box to build their own vehicles”
  • Helixx Mobility Hub customer factories can be fully operational in 180 days
  • Removing barrier to zero-emission mobility-as-a-service to enable cleaner air and sustainable economic development for emerging megacities


Monday 29 January 2024 Birmingham, UK: Helixx, a UK-based global technology company, has won the coveted ‘Emobility infrastructure provider’ award at the 2024 E-Mobility Awards. The accolade, which celebrates Helixx’s unique, industry-disrupting model to enable markets with no legacy of EV manufacturing to create their own emobility ecosystems, was presented at a special ceremony at the British Motor Museum. 

Steve Pegg, Helixx CEO and co-founder: “Winning the E-Mobility Award for infrastructure provider is an important validation of our strategy. It’s great that the judges recognised Helixx as much more than ‘just another EV manufacturer’. Helixx is prompting the industry to rethink and reprogramme the legacy manufacturing processes and supply chain limitations that act as a major barrier to mass adoption of affordable EVs. The award is also a fitting tribute to everyone in the Helixx team, plus our partners and visionary investors, for their dedication and determination to enable EV production anywhere in the world and make zero-emission mobility, reduced air pollution and sustainable economic development available to everyone.” 

The E-Mobility Awards judging panel of global zero-emission mobility experts hailed Helixx’s industry-transforming strategy to “provide customers with a factory in a box to build their own vehicles,” and the company’s ability to enable its partners to set up Helixx Mobility Hubs virtually anywhere in the world in as little as 180 days sets the stage for an industrial step-change the e-mobility sector.

The 2024 E-Mobility Award follows the reveal of Helixx’s first demonstration vehicle to escalate customer engagement, as the company prepares for a Gen Zero production run of 100 vehicles at its concept Build Lab in the UK, before customer vehicle and pilot factory rollout commences at a concept hub in Southeast Asia.