HELIXX: Driving Sustainable Mobility and Local Economies Towards SDG 8

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How many times have you been stuck in city traffic, with nothing but a sea of car roofs ahead? How often have you wished for a solution that's both affordable and green? Well, gear up for the future, because HELIXX has an electrifying game plan that aims to transform urban living, aligning perfectly with UN's Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No.11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities.


To understand the beauty of the HELIXX approach, let's take a brief detour to explore the troubles with meeting SDG No.11. The goal aspires to create cities that are inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. However, the road to achieving this has been full of potholes, and we are not talking about literal ones, though they too are a problem.    

Firstly, the growing urban populace is pressurising city infrastructures. Picture it: by 2050, 6.6 billion people will be in urban areas. That's more humans than we had on earth in the year 2000! Transportation is an integral part of this infrastructure. The existing systems are inefficient, contributing to traffic congestion and environmental pollution.    

Secondly, while electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a solution, the high manufacturing cost and complexity limit their mass adoption. Also, most current EV manufacturers engage in a cutthroat competition of feature and technology upgrades, which prevents price reductions.    

Enter HELIXX, where every city gets to be the hero of its mobility story.    

HELIXX's model is about as simple as your favourite nursery rhyme, and yet as innovative as the best sci-fi novels. We've taken a factory, packaged it into a box, and decided to sell it as a service. This "factory-in-a-box," known as the HELIXX Industry 5.0 platform, provides a simplified supply chain and manufacturing process. This allows anyone, from regional leaders to urban businesses, to establish a local Urban Mobility Hub.    

With HELIXX, a city can go from having an empty building to producing the first commercial EV in just 180 days. Now, that's faster than waiting for a tomato plant to bear fruit! Moreover, these EVs mean business. HELIXX targets fleet vehicle operators and small businesses offering services like ride-hailing or local deliveries, allowing them to lease these EVs, thereby tackling the often-overlooked “first mile / last mile” problem.    

HELIXX’s approach reduces manufacturing waste, CO2 emissions, and allows for easy vehicle upgrades, extending their life on the road. Instead of simply recycling materials, we repurpose components, giving them a second life. Thus, HELIXX is not just selling a product; it’s selling a sustainable way of life.    

In essence, HELIXX's solution resonates beautifully with SDG No.11. It makes cities more inclusive by enabling mass adoption of electric mobility, tackles congestion by promoting shared mobility, and makes cities more sustainable and resilient by lowering carbon emissions and leveraging local resources.    

So, the next time you're stuck in a traffic jam, remember, a HELIXX could be just around the corner, leading the charge towards a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable city living.    

Fasten your seat belts, folks; the future of urban mobility is here, and it's electric!    


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